Saturday, May 23, 2015

First New PC Addition

As I had mentioned earlier, I have started a new player collection (or more accurately, two player collections) of the Waner brothers, Paul and Lloyd. Since then, however, I haven't done much.  I've bid on a few EBay auctions, but never won. Until I got this card:

I am always leery of buying autographs off of EBay, but I compared this PSA certified autographs and it looks good to me.  So, I took a flyer on bidding and got it for under $17 delivered.  Once I won the auction I had a realization that Paul Waner is also in the Hall of Fame and probably has one of these post cards as well. I haven't gotten one yet, but will shortly. I don't expect to get a signed version. I have not researched these postcards history, but I wouldn't expect to find a signed Paul Waner as he passed away in 1965.

Having thought about having player collections for brothers who are both in the Hall of Fame, I realized that I need to set out some rules for how I am going to do this.  Three rules to be precise:

  1. Where both Waners appear in the same set, try to get both at the same time.  This will make tracking progress and identifying cards I need (without continually consulting a want list 500 cards long) easier.  This will probably not be practical for vintage cards as they will probably be expensive and getting both at the same time would likely blow my budget. In those cases, I will try to focus on finding the second quickly after acquiring the first.
  2. There are numerous cards on which both brothers appear.  For these cards, I am not going to get two copies, one for each collection. Rather, I am going to maintain a section of the binder for "Waner Brothers."
  3. Speaking of vintage, I had to make a decision on condition.  I am normally condition sensitive, but in this case, with numerous cards from the 1920s through 1940s, I am going to relax because I would never be able to afford them in EX or better condition. I am going to look for cards with nice eye appeal, border all the way around where applicable, and no obvious creases that extend through the entire card.  Round corners, surface creases, and some paper loss on the back are just fine.
So there we go. Now I need to go find that Paul Waner HOF card/

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