Friday, October 25, 2013

Card Show Weekend!

This weekend there is a two day card show up in OKC.

It has been a while since I've done much hobby activity.  In the last two months, I have completed one trade and spent a grand total of  $2.25 on one Ebay purchase.

I had scaled back because, as I have related elsewhere, we discovered that one of our mares was pregnant and I had to build a whole bunch of foal safe fencing in a short time.  I had about 1000 feet to build and quickly knocked 200 feet off.  All that time,I had something nagging at me.  The pregnancy diagnosis was done via a blood test performed by an assistant vet fresh out of school.  I just wasn't comfortable with the diagnosis (particularly since she was an assistant to a vet that we only use when our regular guy is unavailable), so I loaded the mare up in the trailer and took her in to our regular vet for a proper pregnancy check (don't ask, suffice it to say that it involves a shoulder length rubber glove.)  Well, good news, she wasn't pregnant after all! The fencing project needed to continue, but the time pressure was off.

Of course, it was at about that time our dishwasher decided to die and, since there must always be complications, we had to pony up a small fortune to get an ADA compliant dishwasher because our kitchen counter was 3/4" too low for us to get a standard sized dishwasher installed.  So, to make a short story long, I am still broke.  With the holidays coming up, this weekend is probably my only hobby related activity until January.  So, I am going to need to make it count.

My goal will be to knock off at least half of the remaining cards I need for my 1973 set (70 base cards and 18 unnumbered checklists.)  This will depend on Roger Nuefeldt, from Sports Memories of Oklahoma, being there.  I am hoping he will be, since it is a two day show and he hasn't done a local show since early spring.  If he is there, it is likely I can knock off most of the high number commons I need and maybe one of the higher value cards. 

If he isn't there tomorrow, my intent will be to pocket my cash so that I can 1) stop off at one of the local card shops on my way home, pick up the Mike Schmidt rookie card they had in the display case the last time I was there, and 2) have a bit left over for filling some 1973 needs cheaply on EBay.   Whether that happens or not is always questionable, since I have a tendency to get all Tommy Boy at a card show and never leave empty handed.  But, given the upcoming holiday lull, I am going to to do my darndest to stay focused on 1973.

What I am listening to: Rogers Park by Justin Townes Earle

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