Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Closer by One

My plan to finish off my 1971 set with money I got from selling off my partial Heritage sets ran into a complication when one shipment went horribly astray and the package arrived damaged. I ended up refunding the guy his money and letting him keep the cards.  But, it did put a hole in the budget, so I am still chipping away.  However, the goods new is that, today, another card towards completion landed in my mail box.

Best of all, it was the last of the really expensive cards left on my want list.  Oh, all the remaining cards, being high numbers, are expensive. But, with a book value of $80, this was the most so.

But, having said that, I did fairly well with this.  I have watched card after card in similar condition sell for $60 or more on Ebay. I was able to snag this for about half that price.  The difference?  That little circular flaw next to the S in OUTFIELDERS.  Frankly, that is so minor I am a bit astounded I managed to get this so (relatively) cheap. So, with this I am down to needing 19 more cards to finish the set.  I am hoping to have it done in March.

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