Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mail Call - A New PC Addition

It has been fairly quiet for me on the hobby front lately. I skipped last week's mini-show at Al's Sports Cards in Edmond and am leaning strongly towards skipping the larger OKC show on January 19th.  The budget is a little tight this month, so a hiatus is in the cards (heh!)

But, I did pick up the following card on EBay from Chris Potter Sports during their large holiday blow out sale.

This is the 93rd unique card in my Paul Blair player collection and the 26th autograph.  The card is part of the 1992 WIZ set of Yankees.  The Wiz was a chain of electronics stores in the northeast US between 1977 and 2003. They were a big sponsor of New York City sports and I can still here Phil Rizzuto saying "Nobody Beats The Wiz!"    I haven't found a lot of information about the cards, but apparently in 1992 the Wiz offered perforated strips of cards of various Yankees through the years grouped by decade.

There are actually two Paul Blair cards in the set. One for the 1970s and one for the 1980s.  I acquired the 70s card back in 2011 and now have the other. It is a little odd to think of Paul Blair being part of the Yankees in the 1980s.  Here appeared in a total of 12 games for the Yankees in 1980, only coming to bat twice without getting any hits.  He was released on July 1 and that was the end of his MLB playing career.

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