Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Rare Find - and a Request

I've written previously about how I really like the 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game set. I had a few singles around and, earlier this year, took the plunge and bought a box. Alas, I had found that the set was issued in two series and I had purchased a box of the first series. I did fairly well with that box, acquiring 65 of the 80 cards in the series, a handful of interesting inserts, and three autograph cards. So, I set in search of a box of the second set, which was named Greats of the Game Cut Signature Edition.

Alas, my search proved in vain. Twice I thought I had located boxes for sale and both times, the vendor canceled the order and refunded my money because they were "out of stock." I had basically given up, though I still have Google and EBay searches set up to flag any new appearances. Last week, a listing popped up on EBay for packs of the first series. As is my habit, I contacted the seller (Chicagocards.com) and asked if they had any packs or boxes of the second series available. I settled back in waiting for the seemingly inevitable "sorry, but no" response. However, this time the seller actually had 6 packs of the Cut Signature Edition available. I snapped them up immediately at a fairly steep price. Over the weekend, those packs came in.

At 5 cards a pack, I only made a small dent in the second, 75 card series. But I was still pleased to find some. This renewed my interest in finishing this set. Here are a few cards that I got:

A clean shaven Rollie Fingers.

A clean shaven Catfish Hunter.

A nice looking Ron Santo Forever Cubs insert.

A blue parallel Tom Seaver, numbered 10 of 75.

A Robin Roberts autographed card. As a kid, the only card I owned of a (at that time) Hall of Famer was Robin Roberts. So, this was a pretty cool autograph card to get.

Now, on to my request. I am, as mentioned, all fired up about this set again. If any of you are at an LCS or show and see packs/boxes of this set, get the name and contact information of the vendor for me. If I can score more of these, I will gladly pay a finder's fee in cash or cards. Here is the wrapper.

Here is the box (that is Ted Williams on the front):


  1. I had a hand full of singles form this set. DOn't know if they were first or second series though. I'll have to check...

  2. Numbers 1 to 80 are first series and 81-145 are the second. Let me know what you have and I we can work out a trade.