Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unexpected Bonus Cards

A couple few weeks ago, I won a lot of nearly 200 2001 Topps Heritage cards on EBay. It cost me $38.50, including shipping. When I got the cards, there was a 2001 Topps Heritage Chrome Randy Johnson card included. I didn't have much use for it, so I threw it up on EBay to see if I could recoup a little of my cost. Well, the card sold for $36. My Topps Heritage lot was essentially free. So, flush will all this cash, I decided to splurge over at COMC before I went into card hibernation during the holidays.

My shipment from COMC arrived today (Saturday), and I am quite pleased with my haul

Inspired by the cards from Chris at The Vintage Sportscard Blog, I finally broke down and got the last few cards I needed for my 1977 set. That set is now complete.

I also decided to work on my two player collections. For my Paul Blair PC, I got:

1991 Crown Cola All Time Orioles

1986 TCMA All Time Orioles

2001 Topps Archive

2001 Topps Archive Reserve

I also decided to add a few cards to my nascent Johnny Antonelli PC:

2010 National Ethnic Heritage Foundation Sons of Italy

1984 Mother's Cookies All Time Giants

1991 Topps Archive 1953 Reprint

2002 Topps Super Teams Retrofractor

1954 Bowman - This card is the gem of the shipment. It is hard to judge from a scan, but this card is absolutely stunning. Perfectly centered and I would rate it at Near Mint to Mint condition. I cannot adequately express how tickled I am with this card.

So, I ended up spending a little bit more than the $36 I started with. Even so, I am pretty happy with the haul.

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