Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Cards - Update

I've been a bit busy of late, but I have been slowly working on getting organized and getting a list of what I have available to claim. I have got a few packages ready to go as well. Packages will be going out to the following zip codes tomorrow:


Here is a start regarding what I have available to claim. All lots will have no duplicates.

2001 Topps Heritage - 81 72 cards (includes 2 checklists)
2001 Topps Heritage - 49 43 cards (includes 2 checklists)
2001 Topps Heritage - 26 23 cards (includes 2 checklists)

2002 Topps Heritage - 41 35 cards (includes 2 checklists)

Also note that, the multiple lots are listed for 2001 Heritage overlap. In other words, all of the cards in the 26 card lot are also in the 49 card lot. And all the cards in the 49 card lot are in the 81 card lot. You are free to take more than one lot, but be warned that you will have a lot of duplicates.

I'll be working on this some more tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to post over the weekend more of what is available.


  1. Hi Sir,

    I don't believe we've traded before but I hope to do so in the future. Please let me know if you have Reds, Tigers, Cubs, or (1999-2005 era White Sox).

    If you have no desire to break those out, and I certainly understand if not, I'd be game to pick up the 81 cards of '01 Heritage and the 41 cards of '02 Heritage.

    Just let me know what I could drop into your paypal account or if there's anything I can send you.

    Take care.

    - potch

  2. I can probably set you up. Let me sort through some stuff tonight.