Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 54

Let me admit up front I can be condition sensitive with my collection.  Being solely a vintage set collector that means that progress can be slow.  It took me nearly 2 years to complete 1971 Topps, even though it was my main focus during that time.   I am learning to relax my standards some, mainly due to my quest to build 1956 Topps. There is just no way I can complete that set within my budget if I maintain the same condition standards I apply to my 1970s sets.

The card above is not of a condition I would normally go for.  But, this is the first autographed Lou Clinton card I have any recollection of seeing. So, I picked it up in order to keep my progress going.  I did so with the intent of upgrading if I ever get the chance.  Until then, I now sit at 54 autographed cards out of the 66 card set.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 53

This is one I have waited a long time for.

There are actually two others on EBay right at this very time.  But, neither were desireable.  Drysdale autographed cards go for $30 to $60 all day long on EBay.  Of the two cards, one was in the right price range at $69.99 but the card was in horrible condition.  The second card was in great condition with a bold signature, but the seller wanted $200 for it.

Earlier this week, while my wife and I were waiting to see if we needed to head for the storm shelter (we didn't, although I had to earlier today), I checked one of my saved searches on EBay and this popped up.  Naturally I jumped on it. And today it arrived.

I can't believe I've made it this far. I started this quest as a lark 3 and a half years ago and I now have 80% of the cards signed.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 52

This is, as the post title states, the 52nd card from the 66 card 1963 Fleer set that I have autographed.  I had sent a card TTM to Rollins for signing back in January.  But, after 3 months I figured it may not be coming back, so I went ahead and picked this one up off of EBay. With this pickup, I only lack one card featuring a player who is still alive.  That player is Willie Mays and, after last years aborted signing, I don't expect that will ever get a Mays signed Fleer.  There are actually a couple other cards I need from deceased players on EBay right now, but the card condition is either poor or the price is way too high. I have really enjoyed this project and would love to keep adding to it, but I am intent on not overpaying.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Miscellaneous March Madness - Vintage Edition

March was a semi-active month hobby-wise.  I put an order in at COMC and picked up a few things on EBay. I didn't spend much money, but I did get enough to milk three weak posts out of it. Normally, I'd save the vintage for the last post, but as I worked through the scanning and cropping, I decided I really didn't want to do everything at once.  It's a Friday night, I have an glass with two fingers of Glenmorangie, and I am in with striking distance of finishing the last season of Star Trek:Voyager.  So, since I had started with the vintage cards, that is what I am going to feature in this post.

Boom! The last three cards I needed for my 1979 set.  This is the eighth Topps set from the 1970s that I have completed.  I have finished 1971 and the entire run from 1973 through 1979.  1979 was the last year I had any cards from in my youth and will be the most current Topps set I intend to complete.

Two more cards from 1961 Fleer, leaving me only four left to complete that set. Unfortunately, two of those remaining four are Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.  Very expensive and I expect it will take me a while to find them in the right condition at the right price.

Coming up: Modern cards and some player collection additionsl

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Friday, March 25, 2016

February Card Show

Yes, I know it is almost April. Sue me. I've been busy.  Work has continued to fill my days, despite the precipitous drop in oil and natural gas prices recently. Spring has sprung in Oklahoma, lawn mowing season has opened, and the list of honey-dews awaits.  But, I figure I need to get this, and another post, done before the April card show.

So, without further ado:

 I picked up 45 cards for my 1972 set, many of which were high numbers.  I like the In Action cards above.  They are among some of the In Action cards that actually show action.  Don't believe me?  Look at the Thurman Munson In Action card.  I suppose it was ground breaking in it's time.  But, I cannot escape the notion that Topps was just padding out the 1972 set with whatever ideas popped into their head.  I mean, just look at the ROY award card above?  Does anyone really like them. I sure don't.  They are boring. But, alas, they are part of the set and I am set collector.

I managed to find six 1956 cards I needed in a discount bin, including the three team cards above. I've been negligent in working on the team cards in the 1956 set.  I've either been working on the high value cards or finding commons for $4 or less.  There is a vast swath of mid-value cards I have been ignoring.

I ran through my money pretty quickly.  1972 high numbers will do that to you.  However, as I was getting ready to leave I saw these on the high-end vintage dealers table.  A complete set of the 1976 Isaly's discs for only $15. I ran to a nearby ATM and got more money, so I could get them.  Impulsive, to be sure.  But I figured why not. My late father-in-law used to manage Isaly's stores in central Ohio.  Isaly's doesn't exist anymore, but it's legacy lives on as part of the Unilever brand of products.  Specifically, the Klondike Bar was created and sold by the Isaly Dairy Company of Ohio.  So, what would you do for a Klondike Bar? Or Isaly's discs?

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 50 Revisited

I suppose this is how things work sometimes.  After not seeing any signed 1963 Fleer Bill White cards in the two years I've been working on this project, a second one pops up mere weeks after I pulled the trigger on one I found that wasn't a particularly clean copy.

This is a much nicer, visually interesting version. So, I bought it and, upon receiving it, popped it out of the PSA slab and put it in the appropriate Ultrapro sheet.  The copy I bought previously will eventually go up on EBay.  If anyone is interested in it, let me know.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fleer Autograph Project - Part 51

  I've been trying to broaden my search for autographed 1963 Fleer cards.  I've had decent luck with organized signings and TTM, however I have most of the living players (Rich Rollins and Willie Mays are the only living players I don't have.  EBay is a decent resource, but most of the signed cards out there I already have.  So, every few weeks I sit down and do a general Google search for these cards.

This Leon Wagner came from Hall of Fame Memorabilia, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (although this card shipped from California.)   Wagner passed away in 2004 and represents the 13th deceased player featured in the 1963 Fleer set for which I have an autograph.

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