Saturday, May 12, 2012

Card Show Haul - Ooopsie!

I made a few mistake purchases at the show a couple weekends ago. Who doesn't, amirite? Luckily, it was only three cards and they were all from the discount boxes.

I bought this Jay Austin auto card because I thought he was one of the hot prospects in the Yankee organization. Alas, that prospect is Tyler Austin, who is tearing up the South Atlantic League with Charleston after a .354/.418/.579 year last year in rookie ball and low A. Jay Austin? In the Astros system, but on the DL with a broken hand and hasn't played yet in 2012. Interesting side note: this is my second Jay Austin auto card. I managed to acquire the first in a group break over at Crinkly Wrappers last year. I think it was in one of the rounds of the break where I picked near the end and didn't have a lot to choose from. Hopefully, this kid will turn into something and I can make my fortune on the two auto cards.

No idea whatsoever why I bought this. None. Anybody want it?

This little oddball was bought with Chris over at Nachos Grande in mind. Unfortunately, after I got home I realized he actually collects Barry Larkin, not Ken Griffey. So, anybody want this?

Next up: 1961 Fleer.


  1. Tony might need the Griffey:

  2. I'd perhaps like the Evans. What might you like for it?