Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Card Show Haul - Heritage

It has been over two week since my first card show in approximately 6 months. It is time to put a bow on it and move on. While I have decided that I am a vintage collector and have eschewed collecting modern sets, I do have a weakness for Topps Heritage. It is, and likely will be, the only contemporary set I build going forward. So, I bought a hobby box of 2012 Heritage at the show. Overall, the box was a bit of a disappointment. Oh, it certainly helped me make progress on the set. But, I was hoping for a killer box hit. I didn't get it. This was my box hit:

I was underwhelmed. I've gotten similar hits out of retail blasters. But, in light of the immense fun I had with this show, I am not going to grumble any. So that is a wrap on the card show. I splurged a little these last couple weeks, what with finally getting my severance from my old job, while concurrently accepting a new job. So, I've got a few things to share. But, I think I'll be settling back down into a steady state mode where I stay within a budget each month.

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