Friday, May 11, 2012

Card Show Haul - Miscellaneous Pickups

Since it seems to be the trend out in the blogosphere, I spent a little time pawing through the discount boxes at the show I went to a couple weekends ago. I didn't have much in mind other than to find some things that I liked and maybe find some trade bait.

Three sepia parallels from 2010 Triple Threads. I really like Triple Threads designs and have picked up some of these base cards previously. I don't like Triple Threads enough to actually buy it off the shelf, but I'll be happy to grab cards out of the discount boxes. I particularly like the Berra card with the bat in motion.

2004 Topps Tribute Cool Papa Bell. I just like it. It also reminds me that I wanted to do some reading about the old Negro Leagues.

1975 SSPC card 616 - Willie Mays. I like the simplicity of the SSPC cards, although the backs are kinda phoned in (IMO.) At some point, I'd like to actually put the set together. But, I have too many sets that I am in the process of building now. Perhaps after I finish the Topps 1970s sets, I'll loop back and work on this and the next set.

1979 TCMA 1950s Ernie Banks and Willie Mays. As I said a moment ago, this is another set I would like to work on at some point. I like the simple front and the back is almost identical to that of 1952 Topps.

1973 Juan Marichal. It is in pretty good shape and given that I'll probably work on 1973 in earnest next year, it was a bargain at 50 cents.

1969 Topps Deckle Edge Ron Santo. A neat little card that is part of a 33 card insert set (actually 35, since cards 11 and 22 come in two versions with different players.) I am not sure if the 69 Deckles were the first modern insert set or not, but they are surprisingly affordable. This one was found in a dollar box. I've added these cards to the list of sets I'd like to work on...........some day.

1965 Dodgers Rookie Star card. There was one seller with a huge box of cards from the early to mid 1960s for a dollar apiece. I bought this on the hope that Night Owl needed it (he did.) But, even if he didn't need it, I would be happy to have it. That "picture" of John Purdin is freaky, isn't it? Al Ferrara is all, like, "Dude?!?!!?!? WTF!??!!?!??"

This is another card picked up with Night Owl in mind. He probably has it already, but this card is so awful, so terribly bad, that I couldn't not buy it. I mean, WTH? Did Upper Deck do a whole series of cards of players dressed up like 1930s gangsters, or is it just this card? Either way, this is definitely on my list of worst cards ever.

Up next: a few discount box mistakes.

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