Saturday, May 5, 2012

Card Show Haul - 1976 Continued

Here are a few cards from the various subsets within 1976 Topps baseball.

The 1976 set starts off with a 6 card subset honoring records that were achieved during 1975. I still need card number 1, celebrating Hank Aaron setting the all-time RBI record in 1975, a record he still holds.

There was also a five card subset showing major league father and sons, presaging the Big League Brothers subset that was part of 1977. I have completed this subset.

These two are part of the 10 card All Time Greats subset, which honors one player at each position and two pitchers (one right handed and one left.) I still need cards 345 (Babe Ruth - OF) and 350 (Lefty Grove - P.).

Finally, the World Series recap card. Unlike other sets, which have a slew of cards covering the post-season here was only 2 such cards in 1976. One covered both league championships and this card. That is barely a subset, if you ask me. So, that is the end of my 1976 haul highlights. Next up will be some random Fleer Greats of the Game cards I picked up.

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