Sunday, April 24, 2011

Arriving in the Dark of Night

A short time ago, I had sent some cards off to Night Owl, including the 2011 Heritage Dodger Stadium card. Most of the rest of the cards I sent were obscure crap. They were primarily crap, like a 1989 Topps Bazooka Shining Star Kirk Gibson. But, they seemed obscure enough that maybe he didn't have any of them. What other hope would a new collector like me have in sending cards to an established presence like Night Owl? Anyways, his end of the deal arrived in the mail, including a good number of cards off my Heritage want list. Let's take a look at some of what I got:

I was admiring this card over on Night Owl's blog because Hooton is the pitching coach for the Oklahoma City Redhawks this year. He had a duplicate and was good enough to send it to me. I also have to admit a growing fondness for these Kellogg's 3D cards. It might be fun to start collecting them in earnest some day. But, I have my plate full now with the Topp's sets from the 1970s and the 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game, so it will have to be some day rather than today.

As a kid, I followed the Yankees pretty closely, but never more closely than 1978. And what a year it was for Ron Guidry. He was practically invincible at 25-3, with a 1.74 ERA and a phenomenal 18 K performance against the Angels on June 17. This card came out in 1986, the year after his third, and final, 20 win season.

Pikachu Ichiro!

The Bambino!

The middle infielders for my Yankees. Jeter is sucking pretty badly right now with a .221 BA, with only 1 extra base hit, through 17 games. But Cano seems to have picked right up where he left off last year.

This was definitely a great trade from my end. I still feel a little embarassed about what I sent, so I have set aside the Jackie Robinson chrome refractor card from the Topps Value Pack I bought the other day for him.

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  1. Don't worry about it. I got a few cards I needed and you got some cards I don't want. Works for me.