Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The National Show - The Conclusion

If you have been following my several posts from the National show, you know I was working towards completion on my 1956 set, with a couple big name cards still on the "want" side of the list.  But, they haven't made an appearance yet. You may be wondering if I actually acquired them. I hope you weren't, because if you were giving anything more than a fleeting thought as to whether I got them, I would humbly suggest there are plenty of more worthy topics for you to consider.

So, without further pomp and circumstance:

Yes, I did get them.  The Mantle was close to being a wash. Thankfully, internet trading All-Star, Mr. Haverkamp, did some scouting before I got there and showed me a reasonably priced 1956 Mantle when we met at the show. With that knowledge in hand, I was better able to evaluate the various Mantle's available.

To be honest, many of the sellers were quite proud of their Mantles.  I get that dealers will deal, but pricing $500 dollars for a 1956 Mantle that looks like it was used as a baby pacifier or dog toy seems a bit much.  I didn't end up buying the one Jim showed me, but found one of similar condition for a bit less.  So, I am down to needing 4 cards to finish my set:

  1. 95 - Milwaukee Braves team card
  2. 121 - Pittsburgh Pirates team card
  3. 166 - Brooklyn Dodgers team card
  4. 226 - New York Giants team card

So, to draw this to a close, I have to say that I enjoyed the National Show.It is almost impossible to describe the size of the show. I am used to shows held in small to medium sized hotel conference rooms, with 8-12 different sellers.  The National was immense and you can't really do it in a day. I spent two days there: the first to mainly scope things out and the second to make my purchases. My serious purchase day was the last day of the show. I noticed a number of dealers had decamped and left overnight and many others were packing up throughout the day.  If I go to the show again, I'll probably extend my visit out to three days: Friday to scout, Saturday to buy, Sunday just to wander and enjoy looking at cards I can never afford. Like this one that apparently sold for $10,000.

Anyways, great experience. I do feel like I was a little too serious about my priorities for the show.  I wouldn't change them, to be sure, but I probably should have had room in my budget for a little serendipity.   That will involve a little more advance planning. I really didn't decide to go to the National until the end of May, leaving only two months to save.  Live and learn.

What I am listening to: Years by Sarah Shook and the Disarmers


  1. 2.5-3 days is the correct amount of time for collecting geeks to spend at the annual event, imo. Day 1 to peruse, and buy want list items you've never seen previously and must have no matter what.....and days 2 and 3 to somehow rationalize that decision and snag stuff to somehow pay for day 1!
    I have a 166 Dodgers beater condition, will send scan and maybe it can work for you until you snag a better one....

  2. Congratulations! One day I'll nail down a 56T Mantle and Koufax. One day. Until then, I can just flip back to this post and live vicariously through you.