Sunday, December 13, 2015

Card Show Haul - Opening Bookend

There was a card show this weekend up in Oklahoma City. Normally, I wouldn't go since it is so close to the holidays, but December of 2015 is a magical month.  I get paid every two weeks, which means 26 paydays a year.  This December is one of two months I get three paychecks.  Since we budget based on two checks per money!  Now most of that extra check is put towards more mundane matters, but I did take some a little of that and drove up to the show.  I made some progress on about 6 different sets I am working on, started another set, and picked up a handful of cards that caught my fancy.

So, let me throw up a bookend to hold this set of posts together:

 Now, I will grant that this 2012 Triple Play Derek Jeter is a silly card, but it made my smile and it cost less than a dollar, so I bought it.

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  1. Way to pump that little extra back into the economy, and have some card-type fun.