Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, how did I address my desire to reduce the number of sets I am working on?  By picking up a box of a set that I have wanted to start, but hadn't yet.


2006 Fleer Greats of the Game.  In my defense, it was a killer deal.  Boxes of 2006 GOTG are available from several sellers, but all are generally selling at about $150 each box.  That is too rich for my blood.  So, when a box came available (along with the 2006 Fleer Ultra box next to it) for a Buy-It-Now of an even $100, I snapped it up immediately. My plan is to flip the Ultra, which I have no interest in, so I should make back some of what this cost me. If you are interested, make me an offer. Otherwise, it goes back on EBay in a couple weeks.

Yes, I also bought a blaster of A&G. No, I am not going to build the set.  I just decided to take a look.

I'll probably do a series of posts on the GOTG box, but after that, I may be going into power save mode for a while.  We are thinking of buying some, or all, of the property next to us and I am guessing it will take a lot of our time, and spare coin, to close the deal.

Lastly, there are a couple of you that I have promised cards to.  I haven't forgotten you, I have just been really busy lately. I'll try to get your cards out this weekend.


  1. Can't wait to see what you get in GOTG. Good luck!

  2. You HAD to do it. You got a great deal!